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We’re here to guide prospective students to all that historically Black colleges and universities have to offer. Here, you’ll find the awareness, insights, and thought-leadership necessary to choose the perfect community and school for you.

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Why Choose a HBCU – Historically Black College or University?

HBCUs are authentic. Genuine. Unapologetically Black. It’s a safe place where your community is waiting for you to come as you are. Whether you’re looking to attend an HBCU on campus or online, there’s boundless opportunity for you to find your place, connect to purpose, and pursue your passion.

Here’s why you should consider traditionally Black colleges or Universities in your degree search:

  • Greater Affordability — Pay Less Tuition

    On average, total tuition costs 30% less at HBCUs than at non-HBCUs; online degree programs can cost up to 50% less than for-profit online institutions.

  • Become Real-World Ready, Faster

    HBCU graduates are more prepared for the professional world than predominantly white institution (PWI) graduates and experience 50% more upward mobility in their careers.

  • There’s a Community for Everyone

    What are your interests? HBCUs offer renowned enrichment and community from student and civic organizations to marching band and athletics, among others.

  • Join a History of Black Excellence

    Black contributions matter. As an HBCU student, you can join a vibrant tradition of Black activists, artists, athletes, corporate leaders, and more who’ve innovated our world forward.

  • Enhanced Networking Opportunity

    Paired with cultural traditions and history, attending an HBCU can lead to an invaluable network of well-connected alumni to help you establish a career post-graduation.

  • Expect True Diversity and Inclusion

    HBCUs blend the culture you know with the inclusion you expect. These schools are also Hispanic serving institutions and educate students from different countries, cultures, races, and ethnicities.

The Numbers Behind HBCU Graduates

  • HBCUs average a 15:1
    student to faculty ratio

  • Truly diverse higher
    educational experience

  • Tuition costs are nearly
    30% less than non-HBCUs

  • 85% of all Black DOCTORS
  • 75% of all Black VETERINARIANS
  • 80% of all Black FEDERAL JUDGES
  • 50% of all Black PHARMACISTS
  • 75% of all Black Ph.D.s
  • 50% of all Black ATTORNEYS
  • 75% of all Black MILITARY OFFICERS
  • 46% of all Black BUSINESS EXECS