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Higher education for us, by us

Our guiding principles and values center on the needs of Black, Indigenous, and people of color to create an equal world for the marginalized, which makes us radically different from any other online portal today.

Our Mission

To champion Historically Black Colleges and Universities for potential students that desire an authentic, collaborative, and cultured educational experience.

  • 5,800 + Degree Programs
  • 100 + Accredited HBCUs
  • 350 + Online Programs
Our Story

Black Founded, Mission Driven, Student Centered

We’ve been in your shoes. Your experiences and challenges, we share those. And it’s this unique understanding, paired with our extensive resources and higher education experience, that makes us equipped to serve your needs.

With so many options, finding the right degree can be a challenge. That’s where we come in.

You deserve guidance to discover the diverse, supportive, and authentic college or university that fits you. We provide that clarity through our directory of traditionally Black colleges — all curated to make your college search easy.

For us, a degree is just the start; you can earn a life-changing experience and a supportive community, too. Most importantly, a pathway to your personal, financial, intellectual, and professional success.

Our Core Values

  • Student Centered

    We promote a students-first environment that can provide solutions, instill confidence in online learning, and offer a clear path to education as a means of self-improvement.

  • Outcomes-Based

    Success leaves footprints, so we highlight real life examples and data to give our students a frame of reference as they align themselves with their goals.

  • Intentionally Traditional

    We work to create an equitable future with the lessons of the past by leveraging the legacies of HBCUs and their role in our communities, regions, and country.

  • Actively Involved

    We learn the issues that matter to our audience so we can boldly show up with proactive support to important causes with our platform — whether called upon or not.