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Staff Writer
June 16, 2022

American Baptist College is a private, historically black Baptist college located in Nashville, Tennessee. 


American Baptist College has been a Christian college since its opening in 1924. The school was founded after a conversation between national Baptist leaders and Dr. O.L. Hailey nearly 10 years prior sparked the creation of a Southern Baptist Convention committee, which was devoted to the establishment of a seminary for the education of its ministers. 

By 1937, the union between the Southern Baptist Convention and the National Baptist Convention created a unique opportunity for the preparation of students and broader church leaders to meet the challenges presented during the Civil Rights movement. Through the provision of scholarships and financial support within the operation of the American Baptist College, the Southern Baptist Convention significantly contributed to the education of men and women for Christian service. The Southern Baptist Convention continued to support the institution until the decision to turn over assets to the Board of Trustees of American Baptist College in 1996. 

At present, American Baptist College continues in the tradition of a guiding scripture that aims “to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before God.” With a liberal arts emphasis, American Baptist College seeks to educate, graduate, and prepare diverse students for Christian leadership, service, and social justice in the world.

Programs & Opportunities

At American Baptist College, a targeted curriculum designed with the intent to advance students as moral leaders stretches across associate and baccalaureate degree offerings. Students have the chance to earn Associate of Arts Degrees on a general studies or music and arts track, as well as Bachelor of Arts Degrees on a Behavior Studies (addiction studies, child welfare, or mental health), Bible & Theology, or Entrepreneurial Leadership track.

Learn more about American Baptist College’s offerings and opportunities here.

Alumni Affairs

At American Baptist College, a large focus is placed on the training of students to become agents of positive change and advocates for social justice in their careers and in the world. 

Some notable alumni include, but are not limited to:

  • Robert K. Hoggard—philanthropic advisor, educator, & strategist—earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theology with a special focus on Community & Non-Profit Leadership from American Baptist College.
  • Althera Brown—Education Management Professional—earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theology/Theological Studies from American Baptist College. 
  • David Augustin Hodge—Associate Director of Education and Associate Professor at the National Center for Bioethics in Research and Healthcare at Tuskegee University—earned a Bachelor of Arts in Bible, Theology, and English at American Baptist College.

Financial Information

At American Baptist College, while additional fees and expenses differ based on student circumstance, credit hours up to and including 11 credit hours in a given term are $500 per hour. Alternatively, credit hours for 12 or more credit hours in a given term are $465 per hour. 

For students unable to meet the total cost of admittance or who demonstrate financial need, assistance through the American Baptist College Financial Aid Office is available with aid available in the form of federal, state, and institutional loans, grants, scholarships, and work study programs.


American Baptist College is a historically black college with a focus that stands at the intersection of Christian leadership, service, and social justice. At ABC, students are educated to become leaders in the professions of their choosing, instilled with the passion to advance God’s mission of justice, compassion, and reconciliation.