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Staff Writer
May 12, 2022

Talladega College is a private, liberal arts, historically black college located in Talladega, Alabama.


On November 20, 1865, William Savery and Thomas Tarrant—two formerly enslaved men both from Talladega—met with a group of other freedmen where they created the following pledge: “…We regard the education of our children and youths as vital to the preservation of our liberties, and true religion as the foundation of all real virtue, and shall use our utmost endeavors to promote these blessings in our common country.”

Guided by their pledge, Savery and Tarrant (along with the assistance of General Wager Swayne of the Freedmen’s Bureau) worked to provide a school for the children of the community born to formerly enslaved individuals. What originally began as a one-room schoolhouse that used lumber from an abandoned carpenter’s shop eventually transferred to a nearby Baptist Academy, and a surrounding 20 acres of land. The institution was originally named the Swayne School, and it opened in November of 1867. 

By 1869, the Swayne School was issued as a charter as Talladega College, and today Talladega College has over 1,300 students. Talladege has been listed among the Princeton Review’s best colleges in the Southeast, while also being placed in three U.S. News and World Report categories (Top Performers on Social Mobility, National Liberal Arts Colleges, and HBCUs.)

Programs & Opportunities

Talladega College offers a range of undergraduate course study across the divisions of Business Administration, Humanities and Fine Art, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences and Education. Depending on course specificity and degree specialities, there are over 30 degree tracks available. Talladega College also recently launched its first graduate program, an online Master of Science in Computer Information Systems and Master of Business Administration.

In order to fulfill Talladega College’s vision to create an environment that focuses on the intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical growth of each student, students at Talladega are encouraged to become active participants in the Talladega community. There are a variety of student and leadership development, as well as community accountability activities offered, including that of Student Government and the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

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Alumni Affairs

With a mission steeped in the equipment of its graduates for the global community, Talladega College emphasizes the importance of academic excellence, community service, and professional development.  

Some notable alumni include, but are not limited to:

  • Maxie Clarence Maultsby, Jr.—psychiatrist and author of several books on topics ranging from behavioral to emotional self-management—graduated from Talladega College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
  • Nikema Williams—politician in the office of representatives and political executive for Georgia’s 5th congressional district—graduated from Talladega College with a Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Nikky Finney—distinguished poet, author, Professor of English at the University of Kentucky for twenty years, and advocate for social justice—graduated from Talladega College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
  • William R. Harvey—educator and tenured president of HBCU Hampton University for over 40 years—graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Talladega College.

Financial Information

At Talladega, tuition is $6,065.00 for the typical 12-18 course load of students, whether on or off campus, or $505.41 per credit hour. Total cost of attendance (including technology, athletic, activity, activity center, room reservation, and room and board fees) for residential students ranges from an estimated $20,701 to $22,780. For non-residential students, without the inclusion of room reservation and room and board fees, total cost of attendance is an estimated $6,923. 

Financial aid opportunities (grants, scholarships, loans, and work study) are available to make the Talladega experience more financially feasible.


At Talladega College, students are prepared not only for graduate study but also for life as a part of the global community. Talladega aspires to be a center for excellence in liberal arts higher education.

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